Treating Neck Pain through Diagnosis and Treating Cause of Pain Rather Than Treating Symptoms
Avoid Surgery through Advanced Technology

S-Spine and Nerve Hospital’s Strategy in Treating Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common occurrence among many people particularly those in the working age group and those who work in an office. Sitting in the same posture for a long period of time is a common cause of neck pain which brings patients to the hospital. Some may feel the pain come and go while others have a chronic pain. Pain which is caused by muscle injury can be easily treated but if the pain is severe and leads to a degeneration of the neck spinal disc or a herniated disc injury, it becomes a larger problem.

Treatment of neck pain depends on its cause and the duration of the pain. Your doctor will decide on the appropriate course of treatment and at S-Spine and Nerve Hospital, our treatment starts with antibiotics and pain medication along with physical therapy which should help alleviate your neck pain. If the pain still persists, our next course of action is as follows:

1. Local steroid injection
2. Endoscopic spine surgery
3. Laser discectomy

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